We realize in order to be successful, it must be a team effort, so here at LivLive Entertainment, We will post up the names of any and everyone that has helped us (and continues to help us)  during this journey…. Look real close… IS THAT YOUR NAME????

Thanks to tha most high without question! thanks for givin us the drive, talent, motivation, support and opprtunity… To tha army for puttin in work and not givin up on tha dream, it’ll take time and grind but its in the cards for us to make it, we just gotta hold it down!  ……  To Columbus/ to OHIO , thanks for tha game, tha lessions, the experiences… yall made us and ultimately made this!!! real game, just please continue to support us, we wont let yall down……  

To eveyone supportin us @ the shows! and checkin this site out! Major thanks! Hold us down and watch where  WE ALL GO!

Respect to everyone round here makin it happen….. R.N.S. Entertainment, C.A.T. (whas good big dog), Lil Rock (Haaan? yessir)! Kid Magic Rock (tha legendary dig, good lookin out all these years, you keep alot of camps afloat out here, we appreciate that!), G.M.B. (Its bound to happen! Uptown we got this! MonB., Redrum, RamB & D. Eagle, whas poppin? lets do it), Omni Breed (you kno how we do! Get Buuuck! holla at ya people), Ronnie Black, Schoolboy Productions (thanks for keepin us out there),T.O.G. (Yall got it, I see you! I aint even gotta say nuthin else. Do Yall Thang!),  Envy Records, Sylent Rage (stay @ it Dig?), Serious Add, Dante Inferno (them promotions on point bruh! myspace on lock!), Criddie Mac, Credell, Sour Cream, Realest Records, Pluto, BlockMonsters..

Them Dyt Boyz, (937), Big Hug, Huggable Beats, Lil J Rock (yall some cool folk, anytime you need us holla, it aint bout nuthin but a ride out 70west!), Illusion (boy got some fire, beeelieve that), Hood Tv,, Big Hood (we gotta link up and network), Chaos (get it in! 400!), Diamond Cut, Lil Urb & Blackjack, Reddy Baby (reddy off tha chain/yup! shit fire, i know you next! hold tha state down!)… 

Dj headbussa! Whap famo! real talk we appreciate you being tha first dj holdin us down… all tha way from FLA… from tha mixtapes, drops, whatever we needed, you held us down, and its hard to find a real on like you big dog… good lookin, lets continue to make this thang bigger with each collab… Krank up! Diggg! Dj Kid Magic Rock… we go back .. greenway ave upstairs wit tha booth in tha closet… before Adats, Reel To reels or whateva, on them track machines, thats history… good look on tha studio sessions .you know its in tha sky that we keep it 2gather and make it….    LivLive Committee Click, yaah u kno we click up, sideKICKup! Whatup to everyone that showed us love in tha Glass!  Big Black, Dj Big Lou Tha Mayor, The Blueprint Sports Bar, Jay Konneck of Slumlord Music Group, Rodney Blackman of Rocket Rod Records, Frank Swisher, Blitz and Sean of the Elete Charter Club outta Detroit, Big Grip Gunz, Margarita Rocks Nightclub and everyone else that said whatup!  Shoutout to Country of Tha Swagga Boyz fa sho! ……….    
What up to Lil D, I.R.S. (whas good famo?), DBE (Makaveli Records we see ya!!!), BTre (Whatup wit some trax?), Chip Da Ripper, ITW (good lookin on them shows!), Peabodys, Young Skee (keep it poppin 614 to that 615), Tha Underground Show, Dj Majette, Big Heff & Tara….. We all on tha grind right now! No better way than to connect and grind 2gather! Rep that BUCK! 

more thank you’s to come

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