If your on MySpace like everyone else, why not stop by our pages and see whats goin on day to day with us!

Official LivLive Entertainment Myspace Page!
Whaaat???? You didnt know? Oh yea! It’s the only page that matters on tha ‘space! Stop by and check out out “LiveSpace!!”

Mic Watta Myspace
Aside from the music, check out what life is like for the LivLive co-CEO on a daily basis.

Kang Cweep Myspace
Check out Kang Cweep, LivLive promoter, manager, producer, engineer, and all around hustler.

Kodac Myspace
The always opinionated Kodac tell his side of tha story on his Myspace page, Co-CEO, check him out and see the man that keeps the camera’s flashing!

Steel’s Myspace
One of the 3 “Live Wire’s” of the squad, Check Steels page out and say whatup! The only person I know that consider’s his night “a failure if he doesn’t get pepper sprayed” nuff said! LOL!

Cutty Nick’s Myspace
Wonder where your Girlfriend or Wife has been goin at 1am for the last few weeks? Click here for a good idea!

D-Nyce Myspace
Check out LivLive’s youngest in charge! Think you know someone that can spit? Tell em to write they best verse, We’ll put that against Nyce’s worst, and this spitter will still come out on top! Dead Serious! “Say Hello to the REAL PROBLEM!”

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