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Coming soon you will be able to purchase these new relases from LivLiveEnt.   All right here, comin real soon!

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“LivLiveEnt. & Tha Est. Present…”
Tha 270 Mix-Album Vol. 2

Feat. The Bangers
“Who They Want” (Remix!) -Tha Est.

 And For The Grown & Stress Free Times:
“Riiide” -Tha Est. Feat. Cinga

Plus The Boot Up Anthem Of 2007:
“March”-Tha $ho Featuring: Tha Est., & Nice

 Album Featuring: Tha Est. (Mic Watta, Kodac), Cinga, Tha $ho, Nice, Tra, Shaad, Dj HeadBussa & more!


Release Date: SPRING 2007!
Format: Audio CD
Number of Discs:1
Running Time:N/A
Product #:LLA006
Sample Audio: COMING SOON!!    

“we LIVE!”- The Concert Dvd

Live concert and backstage footage from the “2004 HipHop Showcase”,”The 2005 Midwest Urban Music Confrence”&”The Fall Music Fest”.  Also features roadtrip scene’s with the whole camp!.  Backstage, Tour and studio footage included as well. As a bonus, this DvD Includes a limited edition soundtrack with previews of  Tha Est. new album “Tha Detour“.  (The bouns CD will only be included with the first 500 DVD’s).

Release date: Comin Soon!
Format: Dvd
Number of Discs:2
Extra: Bouns Audio Cd
Product #:LLV001


“Tha Detour”
 -Tha Est.

As featured on “Tha 270 Mixtape” and “we LIVE!” The DVD, Tha Est. steps out for their first release, “Tha Detour!”.   This album will also feature a bouns DvD with alot of surprises you don’t want to miss! Details coming soon!

Release date: Comin Soon!
Format: Audio CD
Number of Discs:1
Extra: Bouns DvD
Product #:LLA002


Old Info:

If your in the Columbus, Ohio area, you can currently pick up the album at any one of these spots: (Note, this is old news, this album is currently out of stock.  If you would like one however, Email me at:

Mavericks Carry-out-2995 Morse Rd, Columbus, OH 43231
Phone:(614)337-2210  How Do I Get There?

The International House Of Ale Drive Thru-3434 Westerville Rd, Columbus, OH
Phone:(614)475-3983  See A Map / How Do I Get There?

Louies Record Shop-2238 Mock Rd, Columbus, OH
Phone:(614)337-9930  See A Map / How Do I Get There?

Money Mikes Records & Tapes-1064 E Livingston Ave, Columbus, OH
Phone: (614)257-1551 See A Map / How Do I Get There?

Video Game and Music Exchange-1489 Schrock Rd, Columbus, OH
Phone:(614)431-5556  See A Map / How Do I Get There?

Josh’s Food Mart-2417 N Cassady Ave, Columbus, OH
Phone:(614)471-2300  See A Map / How Do I Get There?

Agler Market-2043 Agler Rd, Columbus, OH
Phone:(614)478-3179  See A Map / How Do I Get There?

Quick Stop Mart-2776 E 5th Ave, Columbus, OH
Phone:(614)253-9128  See A Map / How Do I Get There?

Continue to check back as we will update this list whenever we get into a new location! And by the way, I forgot to mention, the album is free of charge pimp! So catch it while supplies


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