Well I would like to introduce our very first “LiveDyme” Model of 2007, Ms. Mimi Vallentin!  Hailing from Columbus, Ohio, be on the lookout for this goal oriented young lady to be doing big things far exceeding the city limits in 2007!  msmimi8.jpgmimi3.jpgmimi6.jpgmimi7.jpgmimi4.jpg

 Measurements: 34 26 40
Height: 5’5
Shoot Locations: All of my photos take place in columbus (so far)
Relationshp Status: Single
Past jobs: advertisments for photography and website design. Affliations: with DCD (diamondcutdimes.com) however not signed to any agency
Viewers can contact MiMi by email: mimivallentin@yahoo.com

Whap (Whas Happnin) to everyone out there! This is ya people Mic Watta comin to you LIVE once again! Now trust me, I have the interview and photo’s you’ve been waiting a looooong time for! Today I sat down to speak to upcoming model / local celebrity Mimi ” Bambi” Vallentin.

Please take your time to read this interview with a young woman whom is sure to be all over Tv, Radio, Billboards and Movie Screens in the not too distant future! Read up, and when you see her name in BIG LETTERS / BRIGHT LIGHTS, remember who told you bout her first!Interview conducted 7/6/07 by Mic Watta.Note all questions asked are in BOLD PRINT… Enjoy!

MiMi “Bambi” Vallentin: Hey Mic, ready when u are!

Mic Watta: For the people, state your name:
Mimi: MiMi “Bambi” Vallentin (pronounced Val-len-ten)

M. Watta: Any particular story behind “Bambi”?
Mimi:  Well the name of course was given to me by a male acquaintance. He said I remind him of Bambi long legs high butt. I thought it was cute so I ran with it!
Where are you from?

Can we get you to rep the city please?????
Oh yea…Columbus!!!
What are some of your interest?
Outside of modeling I like to read books and watch movies. Or go out with my girls.

What do you hope to gain from modeling?
Experience. Hopefully in a year or two I can start doing movies. I would love to be apart of a television sitcom.
How long have you’ve been a model?
A couple of months. I started out in July 06 – Sept 06 But took a small break from September-January 07

 Do you play any sports? Workout?
No sports!!! But I do try to work out 3 times a week. My schedule is really hectic at the time so its kind of hard to work out a lot. I however try to stay away from bad foods and I drink lots of water.
What do you do in your free time?
My free time is spent with family and friends, or catching up on sleep!

Or signing autograph’s and dodging the paparazzi?
(laughing) If u say so Mic!!

So how has the internet helped your career?
Career wise the internet has marketed me and enhanced my career tremendously!
Do you host any special events?
Yes. Currently I have been hosting a few parties on the Midwest. Also been in discussion with a few people about hosting my first mix tape!

That brings up my next question, can we expect to see you and LivLive collaborating on anything in the future? I know we’ve talked about a couple things, but if you don’t mind, can u fill the readers in on anything?
Oh no doubt. Right now we are working on the calender that will be released spring/summer featuring yours truly. Also the LivLive female clothing line….and whatever else that comes out that I can contribute to…I will!

Where can the people find you @?
I am located on myspace: http://www.myspace.com/mimi_vallentin  or also my website http://www.mimivallentin.com  which is currently under construction. It should be launched Spring 07.

What has been your worst experience thus far?
I haven’t really had any bad experiences. I usually go with my gut feeling. If something doesn’t sound or feel right then I won’t mess with. Overall I can say the lack of love and hate from certain people. But honestly that’s well appreciated!
Sooooo keeping with our “100% Live Interview”, How many “stalkers” would you say you currently have?
(laughing) I don’t believe I have any. I have a couple aggressive
fans…yea…I’ll put it like that.

LoL… good answer! Now Do you plan on moving anywhere else to further your career?Yes. I am moving to New York in July 2007Glad you said that because it brings up my next question, With the internet poppin the way it is now, do you believe its possible to be noticed where your at? Or do you still need to be located in NY or LA? I only ask because there are lots of women (im sure) that may have the talent, but just not the resources to get to those major markets, and might feel like they have to give up because they are not near those areas… How do you respond to that?
I honestly believe that there are certain sacrifices that need to be made if you are trying to get into this profession. A lot of cities do not have the resources first and foremost to further anyones career so of course a move toan area like NY, ATL, LA, or Miami is needed but never required. However if someone continues to stay in a place like Ohio where the majority of the jobs are in the places I’ve named it will be harder for them to book work.Nevertheless where there’s a will there’s a way and I do not suggest anyone to give up on their dreams because of this!

No doubt, motivation @ its finest! Now what I wanna know, and keep it “100”, From the inside, is the industry as beautiful as it appears to us on the outside?
It’s cool. You just have to be yourself and do you. There are a lot of fake and phony people but I am not in this to make friends. If I happen to make a few along the way that’s fine. But honestly this is a business so you have to have a business state of mind!
What was one piece of advice you have been given that has
helped you?
To never do anything that I am not comfortable with.
How many photo shoots have you done?
Six to date. Due to the factI had took a break from October06-January07. But I am back now no more breaks!
Where have your pictures appeared?
Right now they are only on the internet (website and my Myspace page) I am shooting for a mixtape cover mid February for an overseas artist. I have also appeared on a flyer in Columbus, Ohio for a model search party!

Do you have any role models or inspiration?
Vanessa L. Williams

Any particular reason you could point out? I mean she’s my #1 pick ya diggg, but what made her an inspiration to you?
There’s so much I can say! She’s hardworking, dedicated and determined…she is just someone who sticks out above the rest. No matterwhatshe does everything 100% and she can still maintain a normal life outside the fame!
Word I tell her the same thing every evening LoL…… So I’ll deffinately let her know she’s an inspiration! Now, What would you say has been the most misleading thing you’ve encountered?
People claiming they are someone they aren’t.LOL those damn stalkers find anyway they can to get at you I see! LOL… So with that in mind, Are you single?Actually I am married….to my work….

OHHHHH I SEE, so the “I have a man and he’s on the other line” phrase was just to brush me off huh pimpin! I see how you do ya people!!!
Yea…I forgot about that…(laughing) Boy STOP!!!

What would you say at this point in your life/career are your goals and aspirations?
To be successful overall and a providerfor my immediate family!

Thats whatup! Mimi handlin her business and still takin time to take care of her mama! Thats LIVE fa sho! Now onto the “realness”…….Have you had a lot of “Mike Jones” moments? (Back then they didn’t want you/now your a “LiveDyme” they all on you?):
Naw I have never had trouble getting anyone before I started modeling. I may get a lot more attention now but I’ve always been able to get what I wanted. If not then I never tried!!!

IIIIGHT, I know your tryna keep it neutral, but there’s gotta be someone thats tried to jump back on the team? This is “LivLIVE!!!” ya diggg, keep it 100 with us Mimi!
WOW!!! I mean if u are referring to past situations then of course! But I move forward never backwards so once its over there is no going back!

OOOOK! Another “rehearsed” answer LoL…. Next question….Which pic is your favorite and why?
I don’t really have any favorites. I think each picture captures a certain type of beauty!

So “Bambi”, What do you believe to be your best feature?
My eyes!!! I think I have a cute nose also (laughing)
…..And what would your fans say is your best feature?
Honestly I get compliments on various things. The obvious ones are of course of my rear end.

I’ll Co-Sign That! Oh BOY! Now earlier you spoke about hosting a couple parties, how can someone contact you to book your time?
Once the website is launched there will be a link that will be activated in such cases. For now all inquiries need to be directed to mimivallentin@yahoo.com  and someone from my team will get back with people within 48 hrs.
Yea, mabe one day I can get a couple vip passes to an event ya diggg? Im tired of having to wait by the back door, only to be let in with 20 minutes left in the event, last time the bar had closed and that empty bottle of Patron you gave me was’nt a good look!!! (shakes my head)
Just holla at me. I got u!!

Ummmm for some reason I think i’ve heard that before, but i’ll let it slide… Now have your friends/family been supportive? Very supportive. They are the ones who pushed me to continue during my little break!

Any special advice for anyone that might be considering following your footsteps?
Follow your heart and go after what u want. Not what someone else wants for you.

Chuuuuuch! LoL naa you got it tho Mimi, and NEITHER of us would be sitting here now if we had’nt set “plans and goals” for ourselves. Now, this is possibly the most important question of this whole interview…. What exactly makes u a “Live Dyme”???I believe my drive for success has landed me here!I’m so focused! Plus I think it had something to do with my boo-tay!!!

Yea…I think thats it! (laughing).
But I would also say its because i’m a real person with real life dreams so of course it would only be right if they gave me this opportunity! Right Mic?

(Throws hands in the air and sways from side to side) Beautiful response!, Whew we should’ve had this interview on a Sunday! LOL “Chuuuuuuuch / Tabernacle!”….. Ok Ok im back, Now with that being said, Any last words?
I just want to thank those people who have supported me and who are still rooting for me today! It means a lot. Also check me out on myspace and be on the look out for the website!! MiMi V will be in a city near you soon so I’ll see u all then! Oh yea thanks Mic and the rest of the squad @ LivLive ya’ll are truly the best!!!

No doubt! and ummm MiMi im serious about those passes! LoL! Look out for us “lil people!” & a shoutout for LivLiveEnt.Com would’nt hurt either! LOL thanks “Mama Mimi!

There you have it! Our very first “LiveDyme Of The Month” Ms. Mimi Vallentin! We here at LivLiveEnt.com wanna thank Mimi for making this first go-round run as smooth as it did! We also wanna wish her, as well as others like her the best of luck in 2007, Remember, you’ll only make it as far as YOU allow yourself to go in life. If you let someone else turn you away from accomplishing your dreams, then they never were YOUR dreams in the first place…..

Please continue to check back every month as we will have a new “LiveDyme” for your viewing pleasure! Then in December you’ll have your chance to vote for whom you believe is the “LiveDyme Of The Year!”…

Remember before leaving this page, post a comment about the Pic’s and / or interview and then head on over to sign the guestbook! Thanks for your continued support!


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  1. Thanks for the chance to make this happen MiMi!

  2. Hey MiMi and Mic great interview! I was really drawn in from the begining to the end…The geniuine questions and responses kept me wanting to know more and more! Great catch! An educated Black Woman with goals, desires, and inspirations…YOU CANT LOSE WITH THAT! Keep the great interviews comin!!!

  3. Hey Mic thanks for giving me the opportunity to shine!!! Luv u for that playa!!!

  4. my hats off 2 tha both of u on this 1….i mean it sounded like a real interview! u sure u aint take some of that from vibe or XXl?…lol naw that’s what we need…this is what seperates LIVE from tha rest!

  5. Grear interview! Sincere and real. Was not full of fluff.

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