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 AUGUST 11, 2007

Come join us @ Innis Park in Columbus, Ohio for the 1st Annual “LivLive Entertainment Smokin’ Grillz Family BBQ”.  From 12-7pm, FREE FOOD, ENTERTAINMENT, AND ACTIVITIES FOR THE KIDS!  So bring the family for a good time!  Contact for directions, and stay tuned to LivLiveEnt.Com or for more info!


Friday tha 13th! Don’t trip, we’re gonna make this a good one! Be @ the High 5 to come celebrate another Friday tha 13th “gone good!”.  LivLive will be in the house doing a few new songs, as well as the classic ones you love to get BUUUUUCK to!!  Tha only event in town that counts ya hurd! As you know by now, check the show section for updates!

IM ON IT!!! Yaaaasir Mic Watta back with the #1 spot on the net for anything LivLive related! Buck Up, i’ve got some information for ya!

If your in Ohio, be sure to check us out in Columbus, 3/23 & 3/30! Head over to the “Shows” section for time and location…. The show on the 23rd includes FREE BEER! And who would’nt want something for FREE! Come BUCK wit us!
The whole LivLive camp really apprecaites the love we’ve been recieving from everyone in Cleveland, Ohio!   With the last two show’s being a sucess, we’ve been invited back to perform again April 29, 2007!  Continue to check back as we’ll post information as we recieve it!  
While we’re on it, What up to
Lil D, I.R.S. (whas good famo?), DBE (Makaveli Records we see ya!!!), BTre (Whatup wit some trax?), Chip Da Ripper, ITW (good lookin on them shows!), Peabodys, Young Skee (keep it poppin 614 to that 615), Tha Underground Show, Dj Majette, Big Heff & Tara….. We all on tha grind right now! No better way than to connect and grind 2gather! Rep that BUCK! 
“WHERE’S THE NEW LIVE DYME FOR THIS MONTH?”  Is the question being asked across the internet as well as in confrence rooms, call centers, afterhour spot’s and hoods worldwide! 
She’s on the way! And trust me, if you lookin for some “Back, Back There” (Buffy Style) wait till you see these pictures! Comin REAL SOON, and their well worth the wait… Ya hurrrrd!  Plus we figured that MiMi’s pictures were more than enuff to hold you over for a couple extra!!!

If you sign up for the  “Live-Alerts” & You’ll be notified as soon as anything is added to the site!  And Yes, thats Including the upcoming “LiveDyme”!
Oh yea one more thing, Did I mention that you really WANT to see these pictures??? cuz you do!

Whats goin on out there? This Watta just letting you know i’ll be updating the site this evening, so if you get the chance, check back then!!!
Thanks for your continued support!!!
TONIGHT WITNESS HISTORY IN THE MAKING!!!  LivLiveEnt recording artist Nyce & Tha EST. (Mic Watta & Kodac) will be appearing LIVE in Cleveland, Ohio for the first time ever!!!!  So if your in Cleveland or one of the surrounding cities, don’t let the lil chill outside keep you from catching one of the most entertaining shows around!!! 

 Check the show’s page for concert location and start time! Hope to see you there!Wanna find us? Drop and email to or just instant message us at LivLiveEnt to find out where in the city we’re at!  We should be touching down round 2pm and hitting the malls, flats, Monroe’s and many other places! Get at us and we can link up!!!

Check out the multimedia section, I put a chatroom up a few minutes ago..I tested it and its working fine… Check it out and let me know what you think!
How you luv that?
Couple new updates today, I don’t know where y’all checkin in from but out here in Columbus, it’s snowin crazy!  Road’s sick, car’s stuck, school’s closed and ya still took your time to check in with tha ENT!  We appreciate that!!It’s winter without question in tha city! Check these few pictures to see “What That Snow Like!”  dsccsnow.jpg         blizzard1.jpg         5thaveexit.jpgCheck tha “Multi-Media” section for new ringtones!
Hits on Live!!!
I just checked the counter and we’re upto 988 hits!
  You know how it goes around here, Thanks for the love! Good look givin us the chance to prove to y’all why you should support tha squad.
Started adding names to the “Thank You For Your Support” area, if your name isnt up there yet, don’t trip, we’re workin on this everyday… So it soon will be!  If you don’t see it within a reasonable amount of time, contact our support dest @614-555-1212 ext. 3422.
 Dont forget to visit
and sign up for the newsletter!

Let me start this off by saying since my last update just over a day ago, we have passed the 500 hit mark!  Now currently @ 585 hits, I’d just like to thank everyone on behalf of for taking the time out of your day to check us out! 
We hope your time here at the site was well spent, and we will continue to add more content to make sure we remain a daily staple in your “online life”….. Ya Diggg!Small Update: Corrected text errors in our “LiveDyme Of The Month” interview, as well as changed the “Check This” section to “Bored….Fix That Here!”.Im also thinking about adding a section to where you can submit events to me each week and i’ll post em on the site as well as in our email bulletins.2/7/07
First a public service announcement from the good folks at…. We’re almost at 500 hits in just under a week! I wanna say thanks to everyone whom continues to check the site on a daily basis!
  Now if i could just ask you to make sure you stop by the guestbook before you leave and let the world know who you are!!!! Thanks!IT DON’T STOP!Once again im back ya diggg! M. Watta is on his grind to bring LivLive to tha front and all the un-informed upto speed….My interview with Ms. Mimi Vallentin is finally up!  Take a couple moments and read up on a rising star in the modeling world!  Sure to be an interview you’ll enjoy!
We will be hittin the studio this Saturday (2/10) to finish up tracks for a “Promo CD” that will be handed out @ the show next Friday (2/16) in Cleveland, Ohio.  While there we will also record 2 new songs by D-Nyce and Ronnie Blakk for D-Nyce’s upcoming untitled solo project.As if that was’nt enuff, we will be taking photo’s for press kit’s and ordering new “LivLiveEnt” Shirts…. Annnnd then i’ll try to get some sleep!In the next few days I will be working on the Technology section and posting a review on the T-Mobile Sidekick 3 & adding some new audio to the music page.  Stay tuned right here brah!Dont forget to sign the guestbook as well as check out the Hip-Hop news to the lower right, provided by!  2/6/07  NEW SHOW!!!!
Just added!  LivLive will be performing another show on 2/23/07) @ the High Five, 1227 North High Street, Columbus, Ohio (On the corner of High and 5th ave, across from old Shell station).  Featuring a “Wet T-Shirt contest”, This will be the spot you wanna be!
From 8-9 $1 Pitchers of Beer
9-10 $2 Pitchers
10-11 $4 Pitchers
$1 Fruity shots all night
Continue to check “shows” for more details
Please check out the Multimedia section, we have added more pic’s and also Free Ringtones for you to download!!!  Only a couple up so far but I will be adding more as the week proceeds.

2/5/2007 (continued)
This is ya boy Mic Watta comin to you LIVE!!! @ 4:44 AM! On this Live $h!t heavy tonight! It’s freezing cold outside tonight, so i’ve been working around the clock to keep things warm & make sure we get this site jumped off right this time round!

I’ve updated the following: News, LivLive Store, LiveDyme, Media (pictures) & added 2 more Myspace links to the Check This section, as well as adjusting the Hip-Hop ticker on the page.

I will continue to work this site and make sure we provide you with all the information you need, 25/8 (an hour longer than your normal day and a day longer than your normal week! Ya Diggg)

Please don’t forget to register for the forums as well as sign the guestbook!  We will have an interview with the “LiveDyme” of the month up by Wedensday (2/7/07) as well as new audio and an exclusive LivLive interview!!!

Stay tuned and don’t forget to check the Show’s page for info about our show in Cleveland, Ohio (2/16)….

Have a good week! 

-”NahRight.Com HipHop News UpdatesLivLive has partnered with NahRight.Com and its owner Eskay to bring you Hip-Hop news all day long.  Eskay is a frequent contributor to XXL Magazine.  The news appears in the lower right hand section of the screen.  Thanks to Eskay & NahRight.Com for making it possible!

“LivLive EntertaiiiiiiiiiiinnnMennnnnnttt! We Here NOW!!!”

After several false starts, broken links, and numerous faulty page designs, we have realized that to become truly independent, we must stop depending on outsider’s and take control of our own situation!!!

So here on the first day of February 2007, We present to you the “New and totally functional LivLiveEnt.Com!”.  Please feel free to search around and check out the new features on the site…. 

You can now check us out not only for information about the “Live CLICK”,But other artist and events in the Hip-Hop world as well!  While your here don’t forget to check out the “Hunid Racks Energy Drink” section, “Multimedia” (with music, pic’s, ect.) & definitely don’t forget to check out the LONG AWAITED debut of the “LiveDyme Of The Month”, Ms. Mimi Vallentin!

Continue to check back as we will keep this page loaded with new information each day!  Also coming soon is the “Tech(nology) On Deck” area, where we will review a new gadget or device from a “regular person’s” point of view, and let you know if the hype is worth it…. or just that….HYPE!

Thanks for your support over the last couple years, but buckle your belts because “THE SHOW IS REALLY JUST ABOUT TO BEGIN!!”

2/1/2007 (Continued)
  That’s what we’re gonna continue to do in 2007 here at!  We will be appearing in the soundtrack to the upcoming Paw Filmworks movie/documentary “Dixie Square: The Mall Is Open…. But No One’s Shopping”.  About the famed Illinois shopping mall featured in the cult classic film “The Blues Brothers”.

See Email Below:

to me

show details

 Jan 13 
Mike,Good to hear from you again.I would love to use something from you guys in the film.Do you have a particular song you’d be willing to contribute to the film?.Like I said way back, I think it was in May, on the phone……what I can offer is promotion of your group to a wider audience.The list of people waiting for this film to come out is impressive, it even surprises me, but where these people work and what they do is the kicker.  I have folks from E! entertainment, Turner Entertainment & Time-Warner Communications waiting to see what I throw out there so there is alot of possibilities for everyone involved with this film.Get back to me and let me know what song(s) you’d be willing to let me use in the film.

This will be a good look for us in 2007, as we continue to reach for anyone with ears…. For more information reguarding the film, goto “

Check the
“Show’s” section ASAP for information about LivLive performing in Cleveland, Ohio!

Check back this week for info about our 2 upcoming shows June 10th & July 1st.  We also have information about LivLive Entertainment scoring a new independent film….. Stay tuned!!!!
Never one to be left behind, you can now find Mic Watta on @
Look for an OFFICIAL LivLive Entertainment page coming soon!

And Another One!!!
We will be LIVE!!! Once again in Columbus, Ohio @ The High Five, 1227 N. High Street,( Heading West on 5th avenue, cross High street, then make an immediate right into the parking lot.  You can park in that lot and enter thru the set of doors.  Or if you want to park on High, then make that Right onto High Street and the High Five will be on your immediate left with a blue sign in the window.) During Schoolboy Productions “Rapfest”, Saturday, April 15.  Check the following drink specials:

$1 Shots

$1 & $2 Drinks

$5 Henny and Heiniken Combo


The show also features Envy Records, JustHim, RainWater Ent., Triple Threat, SNL Family & A-Bots.  Dj Carma will get tha party started @ 9pm and the performances will began around 10:30, so come out and drink more than usual (with a designated driver of course) and have a good time!  Any questions, just hit the contact page and you know tha rest!

Hope to see you out there!

P.S. You’ll know its us when you see those LivLive T-shirts comin thru! Feel free to stop us and introduce yourself! Tell em Watta sent ya….

We will be performing at the “Fort Knox’s Booty Bash” Female Review on Friday March 31st, 2006, in Radcliff, Kentucky (25 miles outside of Louisville). Its goin DOWN at the Camp Carlson army recreation center @ 9186 US RT. 60(@Fort Knox). The review is being put on by Vixen Enterprises and The First Ladies of the 614 and will feature (and I quote) “The sexiest strippers from Columbus, Detroit, Cleveland, Atlanta, DC, NY, Chicago and others!”. The event is a B.Y.O.D. buddie (thats bring your own drink! folk!), and will feature a sexy oil match and toy show. Due to all the festivities, we will only be performing a couple tracks to keep tha women motivated. Tickets are $15 and it gets poppin round 9pm…. Oh yea, “Southern Styles Cooking will be caterin tha junt, so come hungry!
For tickets and info, contact Vixen Ent @(614)783-7955! And tell em where you hurd it first!!


4/1/06  PLEASE BE ADVISED that we will  BE @ Skullys, Located at 1159 N. High Street (for info check
Admission is FREE!!! Drink Special- $5 for henny and heinenken. Show Starts at 9pm….
Show also featuring: Lil Rock, C.A.T., Lyrical, Catalyst, Tanell, Kim Wilburn, A-Bots, Rainwater Ent., Rns Entertainment, & One & Red! So you know its goin down.
(2/15/06) Been along time, but we’re BAAACK!  The delays and lack of updates were due to conflicts with our ISP, but they’ve since been worked out.  So Much has been going on since we last updated the site, we might have to start a whole new page to explain!

LivLive Chat:
Got Aol Instant Messenger on your Pc or Sidekick2? Well join us in the “LivLiveEnt” chatroom! Last week we had folk from as far out as Alaska drop in and say “Whatup!” and it’s always something goin on in there no matter what time of night or day!  So when you get done here, head on over to the forums and sign up, then by the contacts page to drop ya email address for the Newsletter, then last but not least, drop by the “LivLiveEnt” chatroom!

From your aol buddylist screen, press the menu & J button at the same time, then when the room request box appears, type in LivLiveEnt and hit Ok….

Tha 270 Mix-Album Info!:
THE LONG AWAITED 270 MIX-ALBUM will finally be released April 2006!  The album features Tha Est., Cinga, Tha $how, Nice, Dj Headbussa and more! With production by S.B., Tra, Big Hug, Kid Magic and more!  Specific details are being worked out currently, but will be posted shortly.  Of course tha “Mix-Album” will be available for free!

RoadTrip Report:
LivLive was in Toledo, Ohio aka “Tha Glass” on 2/18/06 and hooked up with BIG BLACK of Urban Images.  Real reconize real as Black is one of tha realest folk we’ve run across in awhile!  Without a doubt, he is connected for real,  taking us around tha Glass to diffrent nightspots, as well as introducing us to all tha major players in town!  Be on tha lookout for that 614/419 connection in tha near near future. 

Whatup to everyone that showed us love in tha Glass!  Big Black, Dj Big Lou Tha Mayor, The Blueprint Sports Bar, Jay Konneck of Slumlord Music Group, Rodney Blackman of Rocket Rod Records, Frank Swisher, Blitz and Sean of the Elete Charter Club outta Detroit, Big Grip Gunz, Margarita Rocks Nightclub and everyone else that said whatup!  Shoutout to Country of Tha Swagga Boyz fa sho! 

RoadTrip Report:
We also went out to Dayton, Ohio (DYT) 1/14 & 2/11/06 to record at Huggable Beats studio with Big Hug & JRock.  We finished 3 new tracks while out there.  “Lets Get Hiiigh”-Cinga Feat. Tha Est., “I Do It 4”-Tha Est. Feat. Tra & Nice & “Its Goin Down”- Shad Feat. Tra & Tha Est.  Check for audio of those soon!

Fall Music Fest Report:
The show in Circleville, Ohio was crazy! Q.G. and the Shackled Down family welcomed us to tha ville like its supposed to go.  By the way, I also want to take the time  to say thanks to the security and management of the Machbox “club” for kicking us out because they “Did’nt feel our vibe!”, yea whatever!

The LivLive Store:
We will have the store up and running soon with copies of the “Texas Heatwave Carshow” sponsored by Audiobahn DvD.  With music by LivLive Entertainment, This DvD features Old Schools, Street Racers, Motorbikes & Hydro’s, Plus for those over 18, there’s a wet t-shirt contest, a NO T-SHIRT CONTEST (ya hear me?!) and some beautiful women from all over.  These should be available within the coming weeks, If you have any questions in the meantime, please don’t hesitate to email us @

LivLive On MySpace:
Check for LivLive Entertainment on Myspace @ & Quick search us under “Mic Watta” or “ThaLiveEst”.  We’re Gonna keep a blog running over there so you can get a feel of what we do on tha daily to keep this movement running.

HipHop Expo 2006!:
LivLive will be in the house for the 2006 HipHop Expo, THE ORIGINAL ANNUAL HIPHOP EVENT IN COLUMBUS!  Ran by Dj BhB and BhB productions, This is pretty much where you’ll find the people making moves in Cap!  We won’t be performing, but will be there promoting and networking with any and everyone, So come down and say whatup! Of course you’ll know its us when you see the famous “LivLive…Comin To A Hood Near You Soon” T-Shirt’s coming thru!

Cross The Border Hustlin!:
We will be in Toronto, Canada in April 2006 to do some video recording for a future LivLive release as well as street promoting and checking out the local HipHop spots to let them know how we do it over here stateside.  To all our Northern readers, if your in the area, drop us an email so we can holla when we cross the border! (hoping that we make it cross the border!)

Dutch Movie:
We are currently in talks to have several LivLive artist appear in the upcoming movie “Dutch” based on the novels by Terri Woods.  The movie and soundtrack is being produced by none other than TRU RECORDS CEO Corey “C-Murder/Miller” Miller.  We will keep you updated on this as it unfolds!  In the meantime check out!!!  What up Fleetwood Maq and all our other extended family in Wisconsin!

Get @ Us Buddy!
In the meantime, you can contact us directly @:

Instant Messenger: CuttyNicks

General ?’s: (614)946-0403
Instant Messenger: LivLiveEnt


Instant Messenger: WeLivLive

LivLive Entertainment, L.L.C.
P.O. Box 24882
Columbus, Ohio 43224


08/24/05 Catch LivLive in the 2005 Hoop It Up Tournament

Saturday and Sunday 27-28 come out and support tha crue…This saturday and sunday on civic center drive, downtown riverfront area….GAME TIME WILL BE POSTED 8/25/05

The Team:

Larry Mixon (Mix…) #23
Jason Turner (JT) #42
Jamie Wise #11
Eric James (E&J) #40


1994 Gus Macker Columbus 3rd place
1995 Gus Macker Columbus 2nd place
1999 Gus Macker Columbus 2nd place
2001 Gus Macker Columbus 2nd place
2001 Hoop It Up Cincinnati 1st place
2002 Hoop It Up Detroit MI 2nd place
2002 Nationwide Insurance three on three 1st place
2002 Hoop It Up Cincinnati 1st place
2002 Gus Macker Grove City 2nd place
2003 Hoop It Up Cleveland 1st place
2003 Gus Macker Zanesville 1st place
2003 Gus Macker National Championships  Hilton Head,SC 2nd place

08/11/05  “LIVE!!! In Concert!”
     If your in the Columbus, Ohio area this Saturday (8/13/05) you can catch LivLive performing tracks from “270 Vol.1” as well as brand new material from “Vol. 2: Under Construction” and “Tha Detour”, During the 4th annual “Midwest Urban Music Showcase”.  This will take place in the Hyatt Regency in downtown Columbus, Ohio.  We will be handing out free cd’s as well, so make sure you stop by and support “Tha LIV-EST!”

 06/30/05     “New Music/Free Downloads”
    Right now you can check out snippets from the “270 Mixtape/Detour” Albums in the New Music section.  “Riiide”- Tha Est. featuring Cinga, “Sittin Tall”-Tha Est. and “De’ja Vu” are all available for download, as well as other bangers from “270 Vol. 1”.  Be sure to check them out and afterwords hit the forums and post what ya think!

                       “Where Ya @?!”
     We on it over here @ LivLive!  Working on the new “270 Mixtape” and “Tha Detour”. We pushed back the release date to make sure everything comes out top notch and we’re making it happen. 
     Currently finishing up the Mixtape, and getting the promotional items togather.  This past weekend Tha Est. recorded a radio/remix version of “Who They Want?!” with a new verse, which we will be shopping to radio VERY shortly.

                      “Radio Support”
     With the new version of “Who They Want?!” being mixed and mastered as I type this, I need y’all help.  Email the phone numbers and names of the radio stations in your area (college, underground or major) so that we can get the single to them ASAP!  As well as any store in your area.  Then don’t forget to request “Who They Want?!” By Tha Est!

                       Email the Radio/Store Information Here!


06/19/05         “Newsletter!”
     Stay updated 24/7 on everything related to LivLiveEnt!  You can sign  up for our new newsletter and recieve alerts to your Email, Sidekick, 2-way, PDA or Cellphone.  We plan on running a contest for members of the newsletter and forums shortly, so make sure to sign up before you leave the site.
     There are spots to sign up for the Newsletter in the Show Info, Shop, Contact and Forum/Guestbook areas of the site.  You can also enter your information in the window below.

Fill out your e-mail or wireless address
(Sidekick, 2-Way, Cellphone, Ect.)to receive our newsletter!
Hosting by

06/18/05           “Concert Update”
     There has been some changes reguarding the “HipHop Festival” in Dayton, Ohio.  From what we have been told, the show has been postponed, due to the promoter not acquiring adequate insurance for the event.  This is currently being “worked out” (as we hear) and we will keep you updated with any changes.  Sorry for any inconvience it may have caused anyone planning to attend the event.

5/24/05             “Site Updates”
     We are finally getting the site up and running 100%!  We now have forums where you can go in and post your thoughts on anything you want!  Make sure you check it out, we will be running contest in there shortly!  Just click the “Forum/Guestbook” tab on  your left and enjoy the new addition!
     As you can see above, we are also adding banners to the site.  We are currently working on banners for “Tha 270 Mixtape: Part 2″,”Indigo Sun” and one for the forums, as well as a couple that flash all the banners at once.
     There are also sign up spots for our newsletter all over the site.  You can find one at the bottom of this page, the contact page and forum/guestbook section. (Note: This feature is still being tested and should be working shortly!)
     Also in the works is our very own internet radio station, where you can hear LivLive Exclusives as they are recorded! The store should FINALLY be open by this weekend.  Thanks to Keith from and everyone else thats helping to get the site up and running!

5/22/05             “We Still Here!”
     Its been a LONG minute! THEY THOUGHT WE FELL OFF!! PICTURE THAT!  Wondering what’s been up with tha Livest?  Read below!

                                “Texas Heatwave DvD!”
     As we reported to you a couple months ago, Tha Est! and Icee Jake will have music featured on the DvD.  The footage was shot by HDX Video, at the “Texas Heatwave Annual Car Show” in Austin, Texas.  The video will feature all tha pimped and slutted(!) out rides you can imagine, plus a wet T-shirt contest! 
      We just got word from HDX that the DvD has just be shipped to the pressing plant, and should be back in a couple weeks.  As usual, we will have copies of the DvD available in our Store.

             “When tha He!! is the Store gonna open?”
     To be honest with y’all, the store should’ve been open months ago, but Cutty is draggin his feet on opening the doors.  So this week ima holla @ playboy and get him on it so y’all can FINALLY(!) get tha Liv-Est! apparel on tha planet in your hands!

     While On-Line, you can catch the latest LivLive tracks playing on Dps Radio (  The show is hosted by Tha block favorite Dj Deepoise, broadcasting LIVE from tha 614!  The station broadcast all day, with new music and artist featured between 10-12 pm everyday!
      You can also hear us during the “Murder Master Music Show”, Hosted by Scott Bejda.  On Friday nights from 9 – 11pm on .

                                 “LivLive Forums”    
     We have hooked up with and are currently working on forums for this site.  The forums will have boards to post whatever you feel!  (So some of y’all can stop posting irrelivant stuff on the guestbook!)…..  The forums are 95% done, and should be up around the beginning of this week.

4/14/05             “Did I Hear…”
     We have been getting alot of calls and email’s with people asking “Did I hear you on the radio?” and to answer that question, all I will say is “Sure Did”!
     Thanks to everyone who has constantly called Power 107.5 in Columbus, Ohio to request “So True”  The song is starting to pick up spins in the area, and with your help we can get it into regular rotation.  If you don’t mind, call (614)821-1075 and request “So True” by “LivLive”, its time for a change on the radio, you’ve been  hearing the same 9 songs in a 15 minute rotation for the last 99 days!  It’s time for something diffrent!  We will be delivering the clean version of “Who They Want” within the next few days. 
     As always keep it right here for tha 411, 24/7/365!

4/13/05             “Update Comin”
     This weekend I will be posting a BIG update with all the information you need to know about whats goin on!  As you can see, I’ve changed the site up a lil bit.  Email me and let me know what you think. 
     The Grand Opening of the store will take place, as well as info about the departure of R.O.A. , The upcoming “Spring Break Carshow DvD”, “Tj’S Dj’S Mixtape” being put out in the south, a forum so you can post whatever you want, and some more intresting things that we’ve been workin on!  Oh yea, you’ll get updates on our production team (S.B., Tra, Sylent Rage), and the new Est album that’s gonna make this summer “about 1,000 degrees hotter!”
     So check back this weekend for all tha scoop!

3/9/05              “R.I.P.-B.I.G”
     We would like to take a moment to say RIP to one of the best that ever did it, The Notorious B.I.G.  They say you don’t know where your headed, if you don’t know where you’ve been.  So with that said,  We want to say thanks to Frank White for helping to expand this art form we all embrace.  Nothing but love, and continued support to his mother and children……  If you thought rap was just “Party & Bull$hit” then your “Dead Wrong!”  R.I.P.

3/8/05               “Updates”
    We are now posted on the “ Ill Community” Message board.  To check out what their readers have to say, Click Here. 
    We are currently printing up more T-shirts, and plan to have the store open and merchandise for sale next week.  So be on the lookout for that in a couple minutes…..

2/24/05             “Live On Your Phone!”
    It took awhile, but the “Livest!” ringtones around are now available!  You can recieve your favorite LivLive track as a ringtone on your cell phone for free!  All you have to do is Email us the following information:
*Email address
*Cell Phone Number
*Cell Phone Make, Model & Service Provider
*Your Full Cell Email address
*The Ringtones you would like (Goto our Music page for song titles)

     After you do that, the ringtone of your choice will be sent to you within the hour!
Note:  We currently have ringtones available for all ‘3G SprintPcs’ Phones.  We will have Nextel, T-Mobile, Verizon & Cingular available in the coming weeks.  By submitting to recieve free ringtones, you agree to allow us to text & email you from time to time with information reguarding LivLive Entertainment.  But you will never recieve phone calls from us at any point in time.  Nor will your information be shared with any other companies, parties or enties.   

2/16/05             “Photo’s Finally On-line”
     We have finally uploaded the pictures to the site! You can acess them from the “Artist/Photo” page or by clicking here.  Please excuse the pop-up’s on the page, they will be removed shortly.  But we will continue to add pictures to the page daily.

                                         “Ringtone’s Coming Soon”
     We are working on getting the ringtones uploaded this week! So you can get your cell phones ringin’ with the LIVEST tracks around!

2/10/05              “Where to find the album?”
    To find a list of all stores that carry the “270 mixtape”, check the shop section of the site.
                          “News Archive Section”
     You can now acess the past news in the acrchive section, click Here to check the first section, or click Here to goto volume2 ot the news area.  You can also acess these pages from the links at the bottom of each page.

2/8/05                        “Movin Units!!”
     As of 2/6/05,  The total units “pushed” of the “270” album is at 6,533!  The response has been so crazy that we can’t keep up with the demand.  But don’t worry, we will continue to supply the world with that “LivLive Sound!”

                                                     “New Location!!”
     You can now pick up the “270” album at:
Mavericks Carry-out-2995 Morse Rd, Columbus, OH 43231
Phone:(614)337-2210  How Do I Get There?
Mavericks has the LARGEST selection of cigars, beer and wine in the city! Don’t waste your time going from store to store looking for a Gar,  Stop by Maverick’s and get what you need, AS WELL AS THA 270 CD!!  When you get there, Tell D, it was us that sent ya!

                                  “A Few Changes”
     I know I’ve been talking about this for awhile, but I will have the pictures and other info on this site by the end of the week!  Foreal tho!
     There has also been a few changes over here in the last week, so stay tuned right here for all the news you need, reguarding these changes.

1/26/05                            “Show Update”
     We are in talks with BhB Productions appear at his “HipHop Night” at “Oldfields on High” in Columbus, Ohio.  We will let you know who will be there as well as what songs will be showcased.  Stay tuned to the “Show Info” section for more details as they become available.

                                 “Promo Tour Update”
     We are in the process of setting up a promo stop this Saturday (1/29/05) in Dayton, Ohio.  We are still in talks with several locations, but we plan on appearing at “Mj’s Nightclub”, “Golds For Ya Mouth”, “102.9 Fm” and The Wright State University.
      While in Dayton, we will also record two tracks for the “R.O.A.” album with Big Hug of Huggable Productions.  He is the man responsible for the classic “CO 2 Dyt” track off of the “270 Mixtape”.
       Also while we are in tha Dyt, we will be filiming parts of the “we LIVE!” DVD, so come out and see us and you might appear on the DVD.  Continue to check back all this week as we will continue to update you on the times and locations.

1/23/05       “Update: Possible collab with Nino Storm”
     Shout out to Nino Storm from Augusta, Georgia.  Nino and Tha Est. are working on hooking up and doin some music for each others forthcoming projects.  Nino has worked with ATL legend Pastor Troy, Ruff Ryders, Lil’ Mo, Big Uly, the Real D.S.G.B.’s and is on his way to becoming another major act out of GA.
      So stay tuned right here and we’ll keep you posted on this as it unfolds.  Check for “Tha Detour” by Tha Est. Comin Summer O-Live!  And “Storm of Tha Century” by Nino Storm available NOW!Also check out Nino here 

                       “New Audio Available!!” 
     Today we have uploaded several songs new to the net from the “….270 Mixtape”.  Bangers such as “Co 2 Dyt” by Tha Est. (Produced By Big Hug), “Got U Open” by R.O.A. and the bottom heavy “Put My Hands On You” by Icee Jake Feat. Tha Est. & Ron Blaze.  After your done checking the news, be sure to click “New Music” and check em out.  As usual, feel free to download and bootleg anything you like.

                    “Movin Like Crack!”
     “LivLiveEnt & Tha Est. Present…Tha 270 Mixtape” Is now movin thru a hood near you!  We are currently in the process of distributing the album to the streets as we speak!  Thanks to everyone that has called and e-mailed their comments about the album, we appreciate any and all feedback.
       If your in the Columbus, Ohio area, you can currently pick up the album at any one of these spots:
The International House Of Ale Drive Thru-3434 Westerville Rd, Columbus, OH
Phone:(614)475-3983  See A Map / How Do I Get There?
Louies Record Shop-2238 Mock Rd, Columbus, OH
Phone:(614)337-9930  See A Map / How Do I Get There?
Money Mikes Records & Tapes-1064 E Livingston Ave, Columbus, OH
Phone: (614)257-1551 See A Map / How Do I Get There?
Video Game and Music Exchange-1489 Schrock Rd, Columbus, OH
Phone:(614)431-5556  See A Map / How Do I Get There?
Josh’s Food Mart-2417 N Cassady Ave, Columbus, OH
Phone:(614)471-2300  See A Map / How Do I Get There?
Agler Market-2043 Agler Rd, Columbus, OH
Phone:(614)478-3179  See A Map / How Do I Get There?
Quick Stop Mart-2776 E 5th Ave, Columbus, OH
Phone:(614)253-9128  See A Map / How Do I Get There?

Continue to check back as we will update this list whenever we get into a new location! And by the way, I forgot to mention, the album is free of charge pimp! So catch it while supplies last.

1/19/05     “Big Big Update Comin!”
    Let me apologize to everyone that continues to tune into the site everyday.  We have been so busy lately working on the new “R.O.A.” album, that I have’nt had anytime to update the site.  But that is about to change.  Be sure to tune in on Saturday (1/22/05) for the biggest update thus far!  The store will finally be open for business, as well as a few other surprises.  LivLiveEnt has hooked up with Kernell Creations out of  New Orleans, La and we have some big things on the horizon!  Be sure to tune in! (and sorry for the delay!!)
     Also, due to the recent Ice storms in the area, our Toll-free 800 Line is down for a few days, we also expect to have it back up by the end of the weekend.  To contact us in the meantime, call
(614)226.3221 for general ?’s or (614)893.9773 for booking.

12/27/04     “Welcome Home S.B.!”
     Everyone here at LivLiveEnt! would like to welcome S.B. back home.  He had a few months stay at a “federal College” ya dig, and he had to “Stay on campus” if you understand what I mean.  S.B. produced the anthem “Who They Want!” for Tha Est. and now that he’s home, we can continue to bring the world that “LivLive Sound” that y’all been waiting for.  Welcome home fam, Lets make history!

12/23/04    “….Yea We Still Here!!! / Happy Holidays!”
     Its been a minute, Matter of fact, this has been the longest we’ve gone without an update! But dont think for a minute that we stopped workin! 
     First off we are in the process of filming/editing the footage for “We Live!” the DVD.  We are recording studio sessions, shows, us hustlin after the club, ect.  As well as footage of R.O.A and Tha Est. working on their new projects.  Word around the camp is that a certain number of DVD’s will contain bonus footage that is ONLY APPROVED TO BE SEEN BY PERSONS 18 AND OVER!  Now if I need to explain what this part of the DVD is, then well, wait till it drops!
     The new album by R.O.A. is about 60% done as of 12/25/04 and is shaping up to be nothing less than another MONSTER release from LivLiveEnt!
     Also, We just want to thank everyone for taking the time to check out our site on a regular basis.  We have now registered over 400 hits on our page in just about a month!  Also thanks to everyone that signs the guestbook before leaving the site!  We read and appreciate every response.  Please continue to check us out, as we will continue to keep you updated on “Everything LIVE in 2005!”   

Have a safe and happy holidays! 

12/22/04    “MARKETING BLITZ COMIN 2Thousand-Live!”
     Starting 01/05, we will kick off our new marketing campaign “Welcome to 2Thousand-Live!”  We will be all over the internet with new banners and advertisements, as well as starting our new street team with stickers, posters, flyers ect.  We will be promoting our new releases 24/7! So be on the lookout in 2Thousand-Live!

12/12/04     “EXCLUSIVE New Audio!”
     We have just uploaded a new song off of “Tha 270 Mixtape”, entitled “My Retrospective” By Icee Jake Feat. Mic Watta.  This is a LivLive EXCLUSIVE! And has never been heard before so make sure you check it out!!!  Icee Jake solo comin Mid-2005!

12/11/04      “How to Download Music”
     On our music page, if you would like to download a song onto your Pc, simply place the cursor over either “Lo-Fi” or “Hi-Fi” and right click your mouse.  Then select “Save Target”, Find a place you would like it saved (Desktop, C Drive, Cd,ect.) and the rest is history!  Oh Yea and make sure you bootleg an extra copy for your folk!

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